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Eversion Athletics is looking forward to sponsoring youth athletes to pursue their goals of becoming an Athlete. Youth Sports can be expensive  and can range from $135 for a non established Organization to $200 plus for an established Organization, not including AAU or Travel teams. Eversion Athletics will have  a year round fundraiser to provide sponsorship for the Student Athletes of Parkway Basketball. 

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But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Commended means to Approve, while We were fit for death and the grave, We were Approved.

These are the times where fellowship is paramount to our development, building relationships to ensure knowledge, understanding and belonging.

Mission statement – To Build up what negativity is trying to tear down.

To restore faith, with love, fellowship, and compassion.

The Approved campaign began, as an idea to add positivity to all the negativity Our world is facing. The opportunity to bridge the gap between our differences, to build relationships between the fences. Faith without works is dead, so We have to work, and fight the good fight. 

We are calling on Our Church leaders to join our cause, and bring attention to those who want good things for all. Our communities must join together and fight the negative perception Our world is experiencing.

Join Our Cause.

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